About Pete ...

Pete Rice is a technologist and entrepreneur living in San Francisco, with a background in consumer multimedia software.

Most recently he was a technical lead and architect on the PhotoShow line of products at Simple Star, Inc (now part of Roxio).

Pete co-founded Simplestar with Chad Richard in 2001 where he served as CTO for the duration of the company's 7 year run. There played the roles of architect, manager, and lead developer on a variety of desktop and online products.

Prior to founding Simplestar, Pete developed video games and consumer entertainment applications for Shockwave.com.

During college, Pete spent much of his time working on interesting projects at the Media Lab @ MIT (from which he holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees).

Technically, Pete has a lot of experience with Flash, but has been spending more time to date w/ Django, Amazon Web Services, the IPhone SDK, and mobile clients based on HTML 5.

Currently he's working on a simple online travel organizer app that you can check out here:

A brief overview of past projects can be found here.

You can contact Pete by email at: pete@pwrice.com.